Learning how to play the guitar is simplified with Chord Buddy. Chord Buddy attaches to the neck of a guitar and helps form the chords for you so you can focus on the rhythm and [More]
LEARNING GUITAR, MY SONIC HIGHWAY A month to month progress of learning the guitar. I got a Fender T Bucket 300CE guitar for Christmas. I did not know anything accept a G Chord, C Chord, [More]
http://bit.ly/JamWith_TheEagles Guitar Lessons on how to play 7 Eagles songs on guitar! This DVD includes both guitar lessons and backing tracks so once you’ve mastered the songs you have full band backing tracks to rock [More]
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This is the first of three video lessons dedicated to learning all the notes on the bass fingerboard. It’s especially useful for bass players that have been playing for a while and who want to [More]
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My fingerstyle arrangement and lesson of the 1965 classic – UNchained Melody. It’s in the Key of C, standard tuning … nothing too tricky. You can find the full lesson with tab here: http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/Lessons/Unchained_Melody_Guitar_Lesson.html http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/Lessons/Unchained_Melody.html
This lesson covers the Minor Pentatonic scale and how to play it all over the bass guitar neck. The main patterns are covered along with a demonstration of improvising through them. The PDF of the [More]