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Set speed to 1.25 for normal speed, my original upload of the video was blocked so I slowed down the video 80% to avoid it. Tabs: As soon as I heard this track I [More]
Guitar cover on METALLICA “Moth Into Flame”! Better than Hardwired IMO. Second single from the upcoming album ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’ 2016 . I do not own this song. All rights belongs to METALLICA and their recording [More]
1. I’d Rather Go Blind #StanWebb #ChickenShack 2. 9 Crimes #DamienRice #CheersDarling 3. Shotgun Blues #BluesBrothers 4. Boom Boom #JohnLeeHooker 5. Volcano #DamienRice 6. AllNightLong #ChrisBeard 7. DoYouBelieveInLove? #ChrisRea #VargasBluesBand 8. ItIsOver #DaveMeniketti 9. TheHealingGame [More]
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Best street music blues Musicians gathered crowd admiring people just execute the blues. this is great
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Dr. SaxLove loves The Blues! He loves playin’ The Blues and hearin’ The Blues, especially Blues Harmonica, Saxophone Blues, and Blues Guitar. So here’s some smokin’ hot blues music from some of San Francisco’s finest [More]