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I do not own this video. I saw this video on WSHH, but could not find it on YT. I have no details about the young man in this video, or when this video was [More]
Luther ‘Georgia Boy’ Johnson – Lonesome In My Bedroom Al Basile – After The Fall Big Bad Smitty – Walk The Back Streets Cryin’ Arnold McCuller – The River Knows Your Name A.C. Reed – [More]
B.B. King plays live guitar solo. This came from the extras on the DVD The Road to Memphis: http://www.pbs.org/theblues/aboutfilms/pearce.html And the only other complete performance by BB on the extras is Key to the Highway, [More]
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Pete Turland and Paul Pigat play their introduction to Pete’s Rockabilly Slap Bass instructional DVD.
Learn how to play the single slap boogie woogie for double bass in this free music lesson on video. Get important bass playing tips & techniques.